31st May – CSH3 – Shagless

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Way down the canal road, further than any other run I remember! Finally I got there and a reasonable sized group gathered ready to hash. Hare brief done, and we were off – into rice fields along trail marked with plastic?!? WTF? Quickly to a V check, and I was wrong to the right. Back through the pack, and finally I got towards the front as we slowed to cross a dodgy little bamboo bridge. This one had something for us to hold onto – unlike some that came later…

It was out of the rice fields and into the lamyai forests. Was this really Shagless, or had Skiddy been the real hare?! It felt like San Kampaeng, or Saraphi, but instead we were miles further south! Gorf was setting the pace upfront, regularly passing me every time he fucked up. The checks were doing a good job of fucking everyone up, keeping us going round in circles – particularly when we followed our old trail back to an old V check. We survived though, and followed the flat bank of a small creek. Some shiggy, but a lot of trail.

Finally the heavens opened, and with the rain pouring down, it was hard to see trail, let alone paper – at least we would have a tent or a shelter when we got back… right? Wrong… When we got back there was just the rain pouring into a muddy A site – and it took so long to decide to put the tent up, that the rain had finished before the circle started!

31st May - CSH3 - Shagless, 6.5 out of 10 based on 2 ratings