7th April – CH3 – Frozen Dick / Humperdick

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So nearly 33 years after being formed, Thailand second oldest hash reached its 1000th Run milestone.

Male hashing in Chiang Mai is a very colourful affair with lots of intrigue, in-fighting and battles for male hash supremacy, but somehow it survived and on the whole it’s a great hash with some fine and absurd traditions.

It was apt that Superman and Liberace between them had 999 runs on the 1000th Run – with Superman’s 633 runs alone beating the sum total of the current regulars.

So here’s to the past GM’s who have kept this hash alive …

ROLL OF HONOUR – Previous CH3 Grand Masters:

81-82 Charles ‘RADAR’ Graham
82-83 Ian ‘CALVES’ Law
83-84 Andrew ‘BROWNEYE’ Koetzer
84-85 ‘HOWARD KIRBY’ / John ‘DINGO’ Brigatti
85-86 Alan ‘CONCORD’ Wilson
86-87 Bernard ‘CLUESLUE’ Webb
87-88 Kenny ‘REBEL’ Desportes / Tom ‘WOODPECKER’ Owens
88-89 Robin ‘BLABBERMOUTH’ Ellis
89-90 Bruce ‘LIBERACE’ Kekule
90-91 David ‘LOUNGE LIZARD’ Holston
91-92 John ‘SUPERMAN’ Lyons
92-93 Martin ‘HAIRY PUSSY’ West
93-94 Evan ‘CHUNDER’ Smith / Richard ‘FOGGY DUCK’ Herbert
94-95 Bill ‘PASSION FINGERS’ Shaw
95-95 Butch ‘GOAT BUSTER’ Ashby / Dennis ‘SKROTE’ Kaufman
96-97 Dennis ‘SKROTE’ Kaufman
97-98 Bruce ‘LIBERACE’ Kekule
98-99 Darrel ‘PASTRY LEGS’ England
99-00 Peter ‘DYKE CONVERTER’ Van Loo
00-01 Stephen ‘WOMBAT’ Lewin
01-02 John ‘HEAD HACKER’ Shaller
02-03 Scott ‘SUCKIT’ Rulka
03-04 Bill ‘ROCKS OFF’ Paterson
04-05 Bruce ‘LIBERACE’ Kekule
05-06 John ‘SUPERMAN’ Lyons
06-07 Bob ‘HOLE PLUGGER’ Staat
07-08 Dietmar ‘SKID MARK’ Brand
08-09 Bryan ‘FAG’ Marlborough / Ken ‘CHUCK WAO’ McLeod
09-10 Ken ‘CHUCK WAO’ McLeod
10-11 Peter ‘DYKE CONVERTER’ Van Loo
11-12 Reid ‘KWAZI MOTO’ Resnikoff / Sean ‘MR. POO’ Wordingham
12-13 Alan ‘HORNY MONKEY’ Saunders / Kevin ‘BELLY DANCER’ Ralph
13-14 Dietmar ‘SKID MARK’ Brand

Current GM Skid Mark had done a great job getting the 1000th Run promoted and organised and its always great to see hasher friends coming from far and wide to enjoy our great scenery. From Pattaya – Lord Lucan, ET, Try a Fuck and Mongrel Arab, Phuket – Toad and Rotary Wanker, Bahrain – Curved Balls, alas the evil Gasman from Perth and in all around 70 attended.

Frozen Dick led the hare brief with Humperdick looking on in no doubt a state of relief. Superman had mentioned to me early on that this was the only run area he’d ever got lost – hummm – and the hares had taken 6 scouting trips to nail this run – expectations where high! With only circle checks to worry about – On Out we headed …

First paper was along a nice running trail and as I had my son Willy Walls running his first male hash decided that we’d stick together (as I had the GPS). Of course the FRB’s led by Brownfinger were soon way off ahead but the checks worked well to keep the pack not too spaced out. The checks were one thing …. The brutal gully climb in the smoke laden air was ‘challenging’ …. This really must have taken some scouting effort to link these trails up.

Lord Lucan and his Away Team and Liberace along with me made the back markers and there were some good views between rock scrambles. …. Unfortunately there were some tumbles … Dirty Pervert had a nasty fall and from the size of his swollen arm was lucky it wasn’t broken … fortunately he’s healing well …. He wasn’t alone, some of the visiting Malaysian’s also tumbled and somehow Pamela stumbled on the (flat) Wimp Run.

So finally after a well set run worthy of the 1000th – up a dam wall and OnIn to some well deserved cold beer!

Great food from Günter’s German Restaurant – outstanding and Mr Poo had put together a funny newsletter (for once) and onto the circle.

Following the circle headed back into town for sponsored festivities which ended a very memorable day. Thanks Skid Mark, Frozen & Humperdick, Mr Poo, Horny Monkey, After Birth and everybody who showed up to make it a fun celebration.

Belly Dancer

7th April - CH3 - Frozen Dick / Humperdick, 8.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating