5th April – CSH3 – BMY

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So nine months in wet soggy England did not inspire me to run – so back to Chiang Mai and already 60 Km of scouting & running this week – my feet certainly getting me know I should have put more into staying fit!

Dr Byte likes long runs … with girls! Considering the smog season and the brutal heat was somewhat relieved that it was not me haring another long run … so Dr Byte and GM Big Top team up to present a mini-Ball Breaker for the CH3 1000th run weekend.

Mr Poo has been doing his best rain dance for the last month and to BmY/Big Top worst fears – the deluge from hell came while they were setting the run! 6.5 hours it took to set and even then they missed a bit (yep I spotted the fresh paper on the 3rd leg). So BmY after a killer set, trudges back to check and re-set – all respects to hare commitment!

So a good crowd turn up at A (well Sloppy Rob and me were slightly confused) – and we’re transported to ‘A’.

Doesn’t Get It decides hiding in the truck is a better option – so Shagless now only has to worry about the trail. On Out we head past a small lake with black flowers or scum floating on it … bizarre ….!

I just about scramble to the front for a brief moment and then paper is spotted and that the last I see of Brown Finger & Co.

Despite the torrential downpour the paper was OK … some checks it was hard to ‘kick out’ the sodden (or sodding?) paper. Actually I did see Brownie again – about 1.5km in there was a check back that one of the visitors ran through that brought us all together …. Shagless and Humperdick did try and find the real trail but it was a FT!

So as I sank further towards the back with Scooby Doo and pleasantly Anything, Knockout and Couger.

Good scenery and even a bit of a cooling sprinkle of rain – pretty good, and after 4.6km hit the first beer stop with Knockout and BmY reveling in my anguish of descending his nasty gully.

Quick re hydration then off for leg 2 – the best of the lot scenery wise and very good undulating trails (no hills really) – all very pleasant and that took us to 8.3km by the second beer stop.

Knockout was suffering from the smoke – seems Poo was doing great, so great in fact I never saw him the whole run! Oh well KO is much nicer and along with Anything and Couger enjoyable trail mates. BmY revelled in delight as he had Big Top and Knockout to keep him company while Scooby, Couger, Anything and me headed off for the final leg.

More great trails/scenery and while the FRB’s came in on the 2:05/10 mark, us DFL’s finished the 12.5km in 2:40. A very enjoyable run – thanks hare (BmY) and GM Big Top for leading a good circle (half of which I missed retrieving my car).

Back into town and the Hash Pub for some serious rehydration – and up now for BmY/Chuckies live hared CH4 and tomorrows CH3 1000th Run!


5th April - CSH3 - BMY, 8.0 out of 10 based on 3 ratings