10th Feb – CH4 – Suckit

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Suckit teamed up with Itchy, Poo and Knockout to organise the 500th run outstation – some ways towards Chiang Rai. When I eventually found the resort, after driving back and forth along the highway, most were ready and waiting. Perched on a little hill there was a spectacular vista all around. What did Suckit have in store for us??

I led the way through the first few checks, with the help of inside information – from my cabin I’d seen some white spots on a trail that was about a km away – now that is a well marked trail! Things were going well with Brown Finger forced to take the false trails each time, until finally my luck ran out and I was behind. We turned into a little valley, and at a circle check the pack spread out. Brown Finger climbing up a steep hill, while most headed off into the gully to the right. I headed left, and to my joy hit trail that curved around the base of the hill.

OnOn, and onto another nice trail that climbed into the trees, only to once again be thwarted when we deviated steep down to the left. Not far later I caught the pack at another circle that had everyone scattered. This time I wasn’t so gleeful to find the trail leading steep up a rubber tree lined mountain. It wasn’t far up, but mentally it was tough and the groans came from everywhere. When we got to the top, all we had to do was go back down the other side – equally steep, but lined with straw for a soft landing, and almost enough trees to swing between on the descent. From there the hares had put in yet another hill, but this time it was the hill with the resort sat on top. Nice run, in a completely new area!