7th October – CH3 – Byte My Yahoo

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As I limped to the computer to write this report I remembered the CH3  meeting where Byte My Yahoo suggested a ‘mini ballbreaker’ and the excitement with which a group of naive hashers welcomed the idea.

All went well to begin with, the bus left Next Place earlier and fuller than normal and became even fuller when None of Your Business jumped on as we slowed  near a McDonalds on the way to Mae Jo.   The hare gave us a quick hare brief and we were off.  It was a lovely area and having walked up a hill and past a temple we has some great running trails, and Graven Image to tell us how far we had to go to the 7 km beer stop!  One cunning check unfortunately had loads of traffic at it for some reason and so communication was bad, leading to the tragedy of  Sloppy Rod catching up, having arrived 15 minutes late.

NOYB started strongly and some accused him of inside knowledge! However it was a cunning plot.  A long series of fairly obvious checks lulled the FRBs into a false sense of security until they almost all followed NOYB in the wrong direction while the back of the pack caught up and found true trail going off to the left!

The beer check had much needed sustenance and we swapped Frozen Dick, Tiptoe and Sunny for Baldric, who coyly pretended he didn’t know which way the next few checks went, despite having past them minutes before.

The second leg of the run was also a lot of fun, until we found the check that would take us 10 minutes.  Graven and Sloppy went straight and eventually found a checkback, but decided that even that was old paper.  Poo went back up the trail and hashers spread out in all directions.  Eventually Scooby found paper leading off to the left but 1) it appeared to have been ripped off the trees and 2) surely the hare wasn’t stupid enough to make us go off into the shiggy at 6:20 as it was getting dark?  Apparently he was and we enjoyed a scramble down a slope where visitor Cum Lord was impressed to see how Humperdick shepherded his flock to make sure nobody was lost, “Scooby Doo!  Where are you?”

Thankfully the hare was waiting at some barbed wire and we escaped from the jungle before complete darkness and were guided down the road by BMY’s car.  Frozen Dick (the bitch) ran a very good circle and we headed off to Sausage King to stuff ourselves!  Success! :)

edit: NOYB’s GPS track…

7th October - CH3 - Byte My Yahoo, 9.3 out of 10 based on 4 ratings