3rd August – CSH3 – HRA

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The football field along the canal road? The hare had spent weeks saying how good and original the run would be – and yet apart from the Ag centre it is one of the most hashed locations in Chiang Mai!

The hare brief was brief, and left the virgins not knowing what to do, but we scampered off anyway towards the back of the temple. Before most of us got to the first check we were confused looking for paper, but by the time I got to the check it still hadn’t been found. The reason being – HRA has a great system for counting out 100 step – he counts to 50 twice – although sometimes he counts to 50 three times, and when I found the trail it was around 150m away from the check (not for the last time!).

We cut down to the road and went along the road for a while, before a dodgy scramble along the side of a ridge. A 2nd check of 150m, and I was ahead again, back running along the road. We ran past several little bars, but no beer stop on offer!

There was some more scrambling along the edge of a ridge before climbing into the hills. Apparently it wasn’t that long a run, but for me it seemed to go on and on. I need to regain some fitness I guess. As we came to the descent I was left behind and started feeling the pain in my ankle. I survived and made it back in time for a beer before the circle. Had I been fit enough, it would have been a great run!