24th November – CSH3 – Sticky Wicket

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Sticky Wicket chose Horny Monkey to be his co-hare, and Horny Monkey chose the Sala Klang area. Horny called me earlier in the week to say it was a kid friendly run, and Sloppy and I decided to bring the kids along and take them out on the run. I’m not sure what he was thinking, perhaps he used to take his kids out to play on the streets around learner drivers?

Anyway, we set off with the boys happily chasing after Big Top and Chucky. Big Top went wrong at the first check, and CW went wrong at the 2nd. The girl with dreadlocks from Austria refused to show us her boobies at the boobie check. We ran around in circles around the buildings, with some clever checks that brought us back on ourselves.

With Sticky and Horny lurking on Horny’s bike a couple of checks were given away by just heading towards where they were waiting. As we past a gate, the bike was there, and sure enough the true trail went through the gate with a false trail on the main road. Matty and Danny kept getting everything right.

Semen Soars, aka Great Balls of Fire, back from his self immolation experience, lead the pack on a great short cut that left CW, Mr. Poo and Big Top as the only ones who did the true trail. Either way Dick Tracy hit the front, yes read it again, moments before the OnIn Dick Tracy was running across the field with Chuck Wao chasing after him. Admittedly he’d already scaled a fence and ducked through a number of short cuts, but DT was the FRB. Fortunately reality resumed itself and CW was first to the OnIn.

24th November - CSH3 - Sticky Wicket, 5.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating