13th Nov – CH3 – Semen Soars

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LIVE HARE! Good work Semen – I love this shit! He looked particularly nervous, and begged us to give him 6 minutes headstart. There was little chance of us catching him, but asking for 6 minutes is certainly more admirable than laying a false trail ahead of time (Mr. Poo).

I actually ran up the hill at the start, all the way to the temple, only to find the trail actually cut off back down and looped back to within a hundred yards of the A. Semen could probably hear us insulting him as he laid trail! Some of the trail seemed familiar, but I for some reason I kept checking just off trail. Handsome, renamed as “Viral Sores” did a good job of confusing us further as the hare laid circle after circle after circle. Sensible plan.

For me, the trail fell apart as we appeared to go into the rice fields… I checked way too far on Square Rooter’s insistence. Last time I listen to him! The cunning bastard hare had hooked me proper and looped back to the right. Goddamnit, when I got out of the rice fields, I must have been half a km behind. It took me a km or so to catch Superman and Tip Toe! Hats off to the set!

I gradually caught people, and we hit the canal, a familiar sight and a bit of deja vu – Semen knows these trails, and I can remember them too. Semen was long gone though and already tucking into a well deserved beer! A random circle check had Skiddy checking in a field to the right – he was whimpering like a bitch as he tried to find his way out. Humperdick came running back leaving Poo to check the obvious trail and call OnOn when he eventually found paper.

I nearly caught up with Poo and called ahead which way to check, and we ran through the last few checks. 8KM of live haring… Have to say I really enjoyed it. A great set that had us thinking for a long time, and certainly got the better of me. Hopefully live haring will take on even more! Good work Semen.

13th Nov - CH3 - Semen Soars, 8.7 out of 10 based on 3 ratings