4th June – CH3 – Bone Hur

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The football field – again? That is 3 runs in a week… And with the trails being crisscrossed with paper, amazingly it was the 2nd time a figure of 8 was attempted within a few days! Figure of 8s are hard to pull off, and again there were moments of confusion – but that is later on…

A decent turnout appeared – largely due to the knowledge that a national holiday meant it was the only place to get a beer! Bone Hur pointed us off towards the corner of the carpark, which meant we had to go to the road, round in a bit of a loop before going back towards the hills… Ominously…

I found myself trailing Sloppy Rod, Chuckie, Mr. Poo and Semen Soars as we started climbing, and as if the gentle incline wasn’t enough, the evil hare cut us 90 degrees to the right where it was much steeper. An evil incline that left me gasping and close to vomiting at the top. As we descended I saw Poo and Chuckie, but Sloppy was away on a mission.

As we intercepted the trails from Saturday, Sloppy finally got one wrong and it was Chuckie that lead the way up yet another hill to a circle check at the top. Of course I only know there was a circle check at the top because I was told about it – I thought better of it and instead cut along the bottom and was eventually caught by Chuckie as we crossed over the out trail and jogged back into the circle site, complete with fantastic rope swing into the lake.

Good Tuna dinner, and good circle by Superman.


4th June - CH3 - Bone Hur, 8.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating