19th May – CSH3 – Chuck Wao

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I’ve had lunch on Suthep Road a couple of times this week and each time I’ve looked UP at the TV mast ominously defining the skyline and the mountains. Bugger – there would be little choice involved, we were going to be climbing the hill at some point – why would Chuckie do such an evil thing?

The floor was turned over to the sniff to lead us off, only for Belly to have done his own sniffing and lead the charge in his familiar fashion. Unsurprisingly we set off UP the road so I made sure I overtook BD before the road split and we had the inevitable first circle check – sure enough I got it right as we cut along the discretely concealed path that takes you UP the hill. I was already on a roll and nailed the second circle as well.

The hare had let us know there would be False Trails – (some kind of International Skiddy Sticks) – so when the paper suddenly, abruptly takes you off the main path I’ve started getting suspicious. I had some distance on Horny coming up from behind, so I tried to second guess the hare’s FT, carrying straight on up the trail – 100m on and no paper, bugger! Had Chuckie really managed the triple guess me? Is this a new kind of FT set to catch out the sneaky likes of me and Poo? In short – No! I went back found the FT, and the trail continued sure enough from about 110m. Arse fecker dildos.

I suppressed my displeasure and continued on the trail nailing all the circle checks until we made our way back down the hill and saw the hare with his sidekick Square Rooter spying on us. We couldn’t be heading back already could we? I messed up the last circle and the pack regrouped only for a bunch of us to pointlessly climb a good 100m straight up a steep cliff to the final set of Skiddy Sticks, sorry false trail. Damn that Chuckie! I remember being told such behaviour was a “c*nt act” when I did it to CW and here he was pulling it on me.

We got back to the A in about 32 minutes – much quicker than intended, and while there were comments about it being a bit on the short side, most of the FRBs were lying around close to passing out from exhaustion. It might have been short on the time side, but had plenty in it in terms of a work out. Cheers CW!

19th May - CSH3 - Chuck Wao, 5.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating