22nd April – CH4 – Semen Soars

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On the way to the run I chatted with Sleeps on It about how Semen Soars sets good runs – he certainly puts a lot of effort into making sure it is a good one. I also recounted the story of last time SS set a run out here and the trouble we all had finding it – I remembered the first time I met Humperdick was when Dykie rescued us from the highway where really there should have been a sign… Today, again, there was no sign, but fortunately we had no problem finding the run site, and found Anything (Happy Birthday) already there.

The Songthaew found it ok, along with Throbbing Ninja, some guests and some others. No sign of Chuck Wao, Humperdick and more importantly Suckit & Itchy were missing with the beer!!! Frantic phone calls, and eventually we had to set off, up some temple steps and back down again. We cut along the side of the ridge, and everybody was sticking together, largely due to Nicky (now Able Seaman) leading the walkers straight along the bottom of the hill.

We ran along the side of a small irrigation canal, and that was when a 4some broke off at the front – Brown Finger, Mr. Poo, HRA and myself. What fun!? There were plenty of checks that kept us dancing around, left and right, round in circles, taking turns to hit the front and immediately screw up. The trails were great, and clearly a lot of thought had gone into exploring them and finding a great way of using them. Good Work SS.

The trail went on for nearly 8km, but the hare had even considered the best place for the sun to set as we cut around the edge of some rice paddies on our way in. I hit the last few checks, and Brown Finger jogged up next to me and we ran in together – a nice way to finish my last run with the machine – best of luck in the coming years, and hope you’ll make it back to run with us in the not too distant future!

The beers were opened and the walkers straggled in with Chuckie and Humperdick bringing up the rear having finally found the run site. The circle was… unfortunate… Incidents that just aren’t part of the “Happy” Hash. Whatever the reasons / blame etc. we all hash because we like the exercise, the beer, the fun – the ‘family’ – I’ll remember that rather than anything else that happened. The hash is the whole event – the run, the circle, the On-On… The run was fantastic, I had a pleasant dinner and much of the circle was fun.


22nd April - CH4 - Semen Soars, 9.3 out of 10 based on 3 ratings