24th March – CSH3 – Frozen Dick

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Frozen is gradually building a reputation for dragging us way out of town and giving us a shitty run – today he recruited Graven Image to assist – surely this would be a good run? I drove out to the site and after nearly getting to Chiang Rai, we turned onto a dirt road – and as I pulled up behind Bone Collector she crawled along examining each tree in detail. Nonetheless we got to the runsite and we ready for the run. Mr. Poo wasn’t – he missed the bus and had to play catch up in his own songthaew.

We set off in usual style with Brown Finger chasing behind me scaring me to run faster with his extended index finger. We dived into the bushes following some random dobs of powder only to hit some skiddy sticks. WTF? Skiddy sticks at the start? Who’d do a thing like that? (Muahahaha!) I went back to put the sticks where they should be, and played catch up through the forest darting between trees and walkers. I caught up just in time for the next set of sticks, and again was playing catch up.

Brown Finger and Chuckie danced off down the trail skipping and holding hands taking turns to do the wrong trail and waiting for each other. What a beautiful couple they make!

The hares had managed to find more shiggy and more uphill than I imagined possible. The most entertaining part was FD telling me about all the great trails there were in the area that we didn’t run on – instead we scrambled our way through scratchy bushes. The finish was the highlight for me – a circle check in the middle of a trail… Of course Brown Finger and Chuckie danced on hand in hand – both checking the same way for fear they might lose each other! Square Rooter spotted the dog waiting at the true trail and led us in. It seems Square Rooter likes dogs and had been eyeing him up all night!

Back at the runsite we enjoyed the view – a great location overlooking a great lake in some random guys private property – good job FD! The circle disintegrated quickly and it was back to the hash pub for food and more beer.

24th March - CSH3 - Frozen Dick, 6.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating