13th November – CH4 – Bend Over

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With weary legs I set out towards the run site fielding calls to let everyone else know where it was going to be! – It’s on the website, but HRA had been tied up all day by Cumalot so didn’t get around to sending out an SMS. Anyway, a group of us found the A site and with Chuck Wao on route we set off.

Myself and Human Excrement (love the name!) charged off down the road past where the trail headed off to the left and had to be called back up the hill. At the first check HRA was marshalling the troops instructing us on where to check – he’s out of practice at this hashing business. Fortunately he sent me the right way only to promptly get the next check wrong. Chuck Wao caught up with us and he and Brown Finger led the way up a steep, steep bank until they got to a circle check and BF drove them both further and further up a steep hill in the wrong direction.

It was a beautiful area and we gently jogged our way through some tree plantations before finally descending down the road. At the final check BF checked a long way across a ridge between two lakes in completely the wrong direction and that was the last we saw of him as Mr. Poo nailed it. Bend Over’s kids were sprinting here, there and everywhere, not sure how many short cuts they found, but they kept appearing up ahead.

Back in the circle and after suitable punishments had been given out we retired to the Fondcome Hotel for a good feed. A pleasant, well organised, evening by Bend Over! On-On!

13th November - CH4 - Bend Over, 8.0 out of 10 based on 4 ratings