30th October – CH4 – Junglicious

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Jungle Chim delegated to Junglicious to set today’s happy hash run and a fair sized group headed to the car park part way up Doi Suthep hill. I was tempted to continue my afternoon nap and give it a miss, but dragged myself out somewhat reluctantly as I knew what was in store – it’s pretty hard to do much from there apart from make us climb up, up and more up.

A couple of quick circle checks and I got lucky with the 2nd and we crawled our way up the shiggy next to the fence of the zoo. Somehow Graven and Chuck Wao had been led astray by the ladies and were following some of Mr. Poo’s terrible run from a few weeks back – they eventually got back with us. It was tough and it seemed to be uphill all the way, scrambling through makeshift trails until we hit the road – finally a little downhill before back into the hill the other side of the road.

Jungle Chim, the co-hare, must have had some influence as he took us into Gay Valley, over the Pedophile Stream and again we were climbing. How could so much of this run be uphill??? There were no ladies ahead to follow up the hill, but now at least we were on trail. The FRBs ran away from my tired legs and finally there was about 100m of downhill until we hit the road again. Finally the On-In, but it was pointing strangely back UP the road – how could the cars still be above us??? Sure enough after 700m of tarmac the cars materialised and a nice cold beer. Junglicious ran the circle, which was erm…. ‘interesting’.

That’s enough running for me this weekend, but probably some good preparation for next weekend’s 50km battle. I’m guessing the legs are going to rebel tomorrow, so hopefully they can recover for Belly Dancer’s run on Tuesday – is he going to try to kill us again?

30th October - CH4 - Junglicious, 4.0 out of 10 based on 3 ratings