Monday 24th October – CH3 – Byte My Yahoo

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I often get a twinge of anticipation with BmY runs – perhaps the near Outstations he likes to set – miles from any kind of humanity and that disarming boyish innocence he projects as he gleefully does his Hare briefs.

Considering how far out of town (Doi Sucket +++) this was a very good turnout and perfect weather – thank f**k the rain has finally stopped – albeit a bit on the hot side. The CH3 Committee had called a meeting a hour before the run – what the hell is wrong with getting pissed at Next Place/Hash Pub for meetings? Anyway – seems Chucky is doing a great job building the coffers back up, Sups tenaciously marketing the sparce quantity of t-shirts and Sir Poo – despite me destroying his throne – doing a very efficient job of running the show. Anyway with meeting done – and us eagerly waiting to be let loose on BmY’s trail – Hare brief commenced.

As usual no-one listened – were we supposed to find fairy’s? – someone mentioned brothels but I was certain BmY would have never entertained such vile thoughts.

Off out he set the pack to his favourite ‘lets try and fuck up Chucky check’ – as ever he didn’t fall for it – poor Humperdick was the victim this time and off they headed with Brown Finger leading the charge.

BmY kindly gave us slow/lazy/old ba$tards a slightly shortened option – yep! I’ll have some of that since spending 10+ hours scouting for next weeks CUM (Oppps probably shouldn’t have said that) – so together with Sups, Back Door and Dirty P we headed out. Dirty P got the first 2 checks right and was on fire! It took all of 15 mins for Brown Finger, Suckit and Chucky to run him down.

I have to say BmY does find some great trails – I have to wonder how – without GPS or Junglisious! – must be the world’s most intelligent hasher instinct that gives him such incredible prowess in finding obscure but great hash trails!

Being a little weary I did not push the pace much – and there were so many rocks, stickers and logs to hop over but also some nice open running sections. The usual FRB mob ran me down – with Humpadick passing me at the ‘B’ road stop.

Up cleverly disguised trails which fortunately Humperdick seemed tuned into – a quick glance at the GPS told me to forget the considerate hare’s bus option and to finish the run. A good in trail was capped with the sun setting behind the distant mountains – what more could you ask from a Hare!

The circle was preceded by burnt offerings to the Forest Gods and Mr Poo – with so many Aussie hashers – why BmY didn’t enlist their legend skills is a mystery – just maybe he wanted us to increase our charcoal intake – fortunately Dutch BBQ expertise in the guise of Humperdick saved the day and what a good job he did – even while the rest of us enjoyed the circle and tried to finish the last Tiger beers left in Chiang Mai.

Very good run and circle and what male hashing is all about – Thanks BmY!

OnOn – BD.

Monday 24th October - CH3 - Byte My Yahoo, 8.0 out of 10 based on 2 ratings