CSH3 Hash Trash # 1534

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Chiang Mai Saturday Hash House Harriers

Drinking and Running Since 1991

       Hash Trash 1534

Run # 1535   

Today’s run was set by two of the Pussy lineage, those being Whisperer and Galore and the location was at the back of Mae Jo University. When I arrived at the A bucket the scene resembled something from Breaking Bad with four or five oil drums all with smoke emanating from them. It looked quite surreal with a few locals sitting around watching the fore mentioned oil drums as if they were waiting for something big to happen.  But on closer inspection and enquiry it was nothing more spurious than woodsmen carrying out the ancient woodland craft of charcoal burning.

About 30 of the usual hashers turned out for today’s escaped With Pizza Shit and In Denial, a couple of long time returnees joining us. They  had just spent the last couple of weeks in state quarantine as having entered the country from the US – It seems such a long time ago when all you needed to visit Thailand was an air ticket; will those days ever return?. Pizza Shit is a guy who has been coming and going on Chiang mai hashes for at least the past 20 years, but I think he said they had now settled in Mae Rim, So we should be seeing a lot more of them, welcome back guys.

Pussy Galore gave the hare brief and proceeded to blame Pussy Whisperer for anything that might go wrong or any anomalies that may be encountered on the run as he wasn’t in attendance and therefore unable to defend himself – excellent hash behavior. She made particular reference to the excessive distance paper may be found from circle checks, blaming Pussy Whisperer’s long stride .   We all set off passed a lake and into the woodland and the first circle check. Everyone spread out in quest of the trail with the usual circle guardians diligently occupying the circle area waiting for further instructions. On On was heard and I, as luck would have it, was on the correct trail. I was, at this stage, in FRB territory also in the company of Superman who is generally not found up the front of the pack these days. But it’s good for the ego to relive former glory now and then. We carried on along the leafy trails for about 1 km, or so, and to the Rambo Wimp split where I came across SinBin who seemed to be waiting for someone. I took the a right turn following the Rambo trail and started to go up an incline . I stopped to give way to Just Cumming as he seemed to be very much in FRB mode. I carried on along the leafy trails through a few circle checks. I continued at a sedate pace enjoying the green lush beauty of the forest at this time of year when I heard someone behind me running at what I can only describe as a rapid rate of knots. I jumped into the undergrowth to let them pass. It was Cums Any Time and she passed me like the 7:44 express from Chipping Sodbury to London Paddington – that’s a UK railway metaphor. My initial thought was she was letting the harrietts down as she wasn’t going to capture many mushrooms going at that speed.

I carried on another few hundred meters coming to an intersection on the trail. I looked to the left to see someone returning from a false trail. It was CAT again – I don’t know about Cums Any Time; she seemed to be coming all the time. Anyway the trail started to take us on an upward trajectory. Not a particularly steep slope,  but a gradual, energy sapping, incline. As I was making my way up the hill, I was passed by Mary Poppins and his kids who a little further along got caught out by a false trail. We located the new trail and it was goodbye to the flat even paths and onto a pretty steep decline along a dried up stream. We now had to negotiate some extremely uneven terrain with some pretty jagged rocks to cope with and without extreme caution it could have proved to have been treacherous . After 2 or 3 hundred meters of this we got back on to the sensible trails again . It was now starting  to get dark which was intensified by the light blocking effect of the foliage of the forest,  it was with a certain degree of relief we found  the OnIn and back onto a dirt road which led us back to the A bucket.

The run was about 6 km taking me about an hour and 20 minutes. Tip Toe and Square Rooter were late getting back and returning in darkness. I wasn’t aware of today’s mushroom count. CAT certainly didn’t collect any. I thoroughly enjoyed the run with not to many steep hills and varied terrain. Great run guys.

OnOn Stumbling Dyke …