12th September – CSH3 – Shagless and Doesn’t Get It

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“Turn left off the Canal Road?  It must be Shagless trying something new!” – and so it was!  A very different run, with lots of tarmac, rice fields and the occasional junkyard to run through.  There was a Wimp run for those who wanted to to 3/4 km, and a Rambo run for those who reckoned they could do 6 km on the flat.  The pack set off and Chack Wow was almost immediately confused when a circle check by a rice field appeared to have nowhere to go.  Cunningly the hares had put the trail back and to the right and Taste My Buns happily set off in the right direction, leaving the other FRBs.

The rice paddies were particularly popular with Superman who decided to get a closer look (either that or it was an incontinence problem).  Superbitch left him in the ditch and headed off to join Bed Hopper who had graced us with her presence.

There were a few more clever checks, which kept the pack guessing, and some lazy work by HRA and the other FRBs who all went off to the left at one point, missing the obvious, close trail straight ahead!

On the Rambo trail Byte My Yahoo soon decided that he was going to ignore the various arrows off to the left leading people through shiggy and junkyards, and was just going to stick to the nice big trail and enjoy himself.  Meanwhile Knockout simultaneously forgot how to run and got scared of dogs, forcing Mr Poo to stay behind to look after her – he certainly wasn’t tired or anything!

Despite all previous efforts to stop him the GM decided to start the circle with a joke.  At least this time he put someone on the ice for it though – and, even better, it was HRA.   Turned out to be a good circle, marred only by Just Say Yes keeling over near the beginning due to inner ear trouble.  She looked a bit better by the end as we all set off to Yabba Dabba Doo’s place.  On on!

12th September - CSH3 - Shagless and Doesn't Get It, 4.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating