29th April – CH4 – Mr. Poo

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What can I say? The ‘run’ was interesting! Poo shouted “Hare Brief”, drew some shapes on the ground and set off across the field… – Was this a live hare run? Should we follow? Poo returned to say he’d just drawn the first circle, but we should go straight on anyway – the purpose for drawing the circle was simply for us to have the pleasure of kicking it out… Now this was an original kind of hash – On On! Sure enough, there was a circle, but 200m or so straight on, there was still no powder – had it rained here that much???

A quick check of google indicates that today would be HOT, while tomorrow there is a good chance of thunderstorms – for future reference this might be a useful link:- Chiang Mai Weather Forecast. It didn’t seem to rain much to me, but the rain had washed out pretty much all the trail – despite the hare telling us where to go, there were no markings left to help. After a quick discussion we agreed to just get some exercise in before going back for the beer – HRA had already taken off so Chuckie and I followed. Familiar area, so we just jogged along to see if there was anything left of the hare’s trail.

Eventually we found a circle check!!! Well, there was a pile of pink postits and some vague indication of a white circle around it. We called “Checking” and sure enough a call of On-On came back! It turned out that Frozen Dick was ahead and had stumbled upon the trail – I can’t accuse him of short cutting, as we weren’t exactly on trail either! We climbed the hill and found occasional evidence of trail and eventually evidence of a circle check. We stuck together and hacked our way back down the hill and found some skiddy sticks as we ran in the the truck.

It would piss me off immensely had I been the hare, but we made the best of it. Having had things go so wrong, Poo decided wisely to hand off the circle to Suck It and we were treated to an entertaining set of splashes… Highlights of the run include Chuck Wao spending 15 minutes explaining how he absolutely didn’t have anything to say! And of course Suck It asking Humperdick “As an outsider, what do you think of the human race?” – genius!

Here’s what I did…

29th April - CH4 - Mr. Poo, 2.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating