28th April – CBH3 – Doesn’t Get It & Pushback

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What a week!!! Having GM’d my first CSH3 circle and political drama of the week (no offense guys), I was really looking forward to a Sunday bunny run where I knew I would get to dress-up, drink wine and eat! My only pre-run regrets being that I would miss the CH4 run where those young, male Bahrain Black H3 visitors were sure to be. Lo and behold, the American military guys and their fun female companion had been courted into attending CBH3. Lucky us!

Nearly 5pm, and no sign of the hares in the hot, hot sun. Before the run even began I was dousing myself in ice water trying to find a way to cool down – perhaps it had something to do with the blushing songtao ride with all those young men!

The hares arrived freshly showered and in clean clothes – always a good sign that things had gone according to plan. I had explained to the boys in the songtao that a bunny “run” is often just a walk through the village – or at least it usually has been since I started with the ladies. “So, you mean we’ll be the FRBs then?” they asked. “Yes,” I replied and was sure it was true until we started the run and heard their immediate complaints about the strenuous Lanna hash the day before and how Bahrain doesn’t have hills and how they usually have shorter 2km runs etc. etc. etc. – Wimps!

Marilyn Manho kept the pace, however, with his mates close behind. At a circle check just over a rickety bridge, I took pause before crossing to let the men go and check. Anything and Snail Trail soon arrived and I kindly suggested that perhaps the On was on THIS side of the river bank. The two ladies headed off to take a look while I stayed put. Hehehe… evil strategy moment #1. Unfortunately for Anything and ST, Free Milk called ‘On’ across the bridge and we headed away from the hills and into the village.

There was certainly a lot of tarmac, but still a good run indeed with interesting checks and random connecting trails through the ‘jungle’ near the Superman / Superbitch / Pamela / Geisha Gash residences. A messy spray of powder at a V-check had our visitors, and the rest of us, confused when they called ‘Checkback’ in two different directions. After running back and forth, we headed up into the ‘hills’ where the hares had put a Wimp / Rambo split – The Rambo just being a typical 5km run that is. Several people behind had cut across the hills to catch-up to the FRB’s and didn’t see the split thus accidentally ventured out onto the Rambo run. Geisha Gash finally realized it and turned back, yet somehow the FRB’s made it to the ‘A’ before the Wimps (!!!) with Foxy Cleopatra putting in a particularly exceptional effort.

Lots of fun in the circle as our visitors sang new songs with harmonious enthusiasm. I’m hoping to remember a few of them for the CSH3 (???). After the circle we were off to that place where Foxy did a chair dance that one time – then back to The Hash Pub and onto Loi Kroh…erm… I think I finally found some people that can keep up with my drinking, because I didn’t head home until 5am!!! (And am certainly paying for it today… anyway – good times. Until next month..

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28th April - CBH3 - Doesn't Get It & Pushback, 9.0 out of 10 based on 2 ratings